Death to Doubt! (introducing my pen name)

I’m finally breaking free. Breaking free from discomfort and dissatisfaction. Breaking free from fluctuating uncertainty as to whether I can succeed. Breaking free from, in a word, doubt. I’ve grown tired of not trusting my own judgement and needing someone else’s confirmation.

I’ve always know that my married name literally means “doubt,” so when I started answering my call to write, I lacked peace in my spirit. I wasn’t content with the duplicity of signing my name “Chris Doubt” to a piece of work that was meant to inspire and motivate. It seemed to reflect mixed emotions, leaving me to feel like a spiritual imposter.

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A few years back, I heard God whisper a name: Chris Singleheart. At that very moment, I spoke it to a friend who said, “It suits you.” I’ve done nothing with it since. Until now.

“Doubt can only be removed by action.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today I put my conscience through massive scrutiny and ultimately brought some fresh air into my attic by adopting a pen name. This is more than an emotional renewal. This action marks a radical change in my identity, as I have decided to push beyond the boundaries of normal.

This should come as no surprise, given that through Jesus Christ we are radically changed. Since this is true, our lives should be dominated and determined by Him, not by our selves or by anyone else.

Writing under the pseudonym Chris Singleheart changes the way I understand God’s plan for my life and has me running towards my future with reckless abandon. To be single-hearted is to be characterized by sincerity and unity of purpose or dedication. I am an ambassador for Christ, a proxy for the Messiah. Look, I figure I’ve got 40 years or so left on this planet. I’d like to spend it enthusiastically dedicated to my call as a writer. I will continue to develop an unshakable faith and remain true to the end.

As a reader, I ask you to embrace my new identity. It is an identity forged by God’s goodness and protective love, and I am taking ownership of it. With it comes privileges, potential and responsibility. My pledge to you is to be loyal, hard-working, zealous and purposeful.

Honestly, this commission is for every believer. You see, our true character is revealed in the way we respond to Jesus Christ. How do His commands and promises apply to you today? God knows you and sees you. He is for you and not against you. Surrender to His Spirit and He will show you exactly what you should do to fulfill them.

Wholeheartedly His,
Chris Singleheart

3 thoughts on “Death to Doubt! (introducing my pen name)

  1. One of the qualities I admire in you, Chris. Being able to make that leap of faith when you hear God’s call.

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