Freelance Philanthropy: Challenging the Status Quo

Me Cutting Cinderblock

Here I am in Guatemala cutting cinder-block with a machete (building a home for an under-privileged family).

Fitting Cut Block into Wall

It fits!

Nearly half the world’s population live on less than $2.50 a day. Diarrhea caused by inadequate drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene kills approximately 2,300 people per day. Preventable diseases take the lives of two million children a year who are too poor to afford proper treatment.

These facts disturb me… and I won’t stand by and watch.

My life is marked by a growing awareness of global poverty and a strong sense of social responsibility. I’ve been carrying out a one-person mission long enough. It’s time I raise up an army of exuberant humanitarians.

I’m not a journalist, historian, teacher, politician or economist. I’m just a disciple of Jesus with a knack for spotting innovative programs that prolong lives or increase their quality. If you subscribe to my blog, I will pass on to you information, mainly about small, grassroots projects, and give you a chance to improve somebody’s life. My hope is to fill you with a new understanding and a contagious, passionate spirit.

The hard truth is, your life is not more valuable than others.

It’s tempting for ordinary people who struggle to get by themselves to become apathetic. Please hear me: The difficulty of maintaining your own personal life can lead to overall lack of concern for others. If we are not careful, we stand to become filled with greed.

Instead, listen to people. Be sensitive and wise. Find out what their needs are. Fill a need. You can change someone’s life, and it will change you inside.

On my blog, I’ll be sharing stories with you of people in need and of people making a difference. These stories will be accompanied by practical steps for you to take action. Many of the ideas I share will be simple and hands-on. Giving money alone can seem like a mere paper transaction and can make you feel like a cog in a wheel, so I’m going to encourage you to participate in volunteering, donating time and effort. Volunteerism is a meaningful family activity and is a great learning experience for kids and adults. It’s a way to conquer the bystander effect and make personal connections.

Being a world-changer doesn’t cost as much as you think.

You don’t need to have a lot of possessions, just a willingness to help. I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t have much spare cash. You might say I’m just a few steps ahead of those I’m looking to bring relief to.

When “Shoestring Philanthropist,” Marc Gold talked with Mother Teresa about his own feelings of inadequacy, she asked him, “Do you know how to swim?” When he told her he did, she replied: “If a boat sank and 100 people were on it and were going to drown, what would you do?”

“I would try to save as many as I could,” he said.

“Start swimming,” Mother Teresa replied.

I’m diving in.

I am a faith-inspired social justice advocate looking to carve out an incredible existence here on this earth. Are you on board with me? It doesn’t take huge organizations to make a difference. The onus is on us. Together, we’ll make the world a better place.


Chris Singleheart

I'm a writer and speaker, loving the world and making it better. I write mainly to further the advancement of the less fortunate. As a co-founder of The Purpose Hotel, I am helping to make it possible for you to change the world in your sleep. I show my lighter side as Mistress of Cermonies of Lehigh Valley Story Slam (competitive storytelling).

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