A Fresh Gift to Melt Someone’s Heart

Roses in Vase

arrangement and photo by Chris Zweifel

Roses aren’t just for romance!  Giving flowers is a timeless way to say, “You’re special!”  The red rose may be the first to come to mind, however, a rainbow of colors exist to express specific sentiments.  The choice of color can determine if the overall look will be refined and graceful or a vibrant, dramatic expression.

Gentle or blazing, roses are among the most admired of flowers.  Whatever the meaning associated with it, each one possess it’s own unique beauty and is a time-honored way to show someone you care.  Here are the most common interpretations:

Red = Love
Deep Pink = Appreciation
Light Pink = Admiration
Orange = Fascination
Peach = Sympathy
Yellow = Friendship
White = Respect
Lavender = Enchantment

Why not honor someone special today?  Call a florist to deliver them a surprise and capture their heart.  Better still, if you live with or near enough to the recipient, pick up a dozen roses and arrange them yourself.  It will cost you less and the personal touch will not be forgotten.  It takes practice, but here are the general steps:

Prepare your container – add fresh floral food or a sugar to tepid water and stir to dissolve.  Cut off at least 2” of stem on a slant under running water.  Remove any leaves that will be below the water line to prevent disease.

Choose the tallest, straightest flower for the center.  If you are mixing colors, the tallest should be the lightest color.  This flower should be one and a half to two times the height of the vase.

Standing above your vase, place four stems of equal length at north, south, east and west, near the top of the vase, yet jutted out.  Place four longer stems ”connecting the dots” with the center stem.  This should create an angle (not an arch).

The remaining three will be cut and placed in between the bottom and middle layers, filling in three of the four “holes.”  The remaining hole is the perfect place to add a bow or some other accent.

Finally, fill in with fern and baby’s breath or other tiny blooms for a traditional arrangement that will take your breath away!  Not only are they a feast for the eyes, but also the sweet fragrance adds to their classic charm. Keeping the flowers in a cooler spot in the home will help them to last longer.

Oh, and don’t forget the card.  Not good with the mushy stuff?  Try some humor!  Petals and chuckles, now what could be better?

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