Indexing a Journal

notes written on pages of Bible

My Favorite Personal Copy of God’s Word
photo by Chris Zweifel

My Bible is chunky.  I don’t mean chunky as in thick and bulky, although it is that.  I’m talking about the fact that it’s falling apart in chunks.  The worst of it is, I’m running out of room to write!  Many of you have gone digital, but I prefer the feel of paper and frankly can’t break the habit of study the Scriptures without a pen in hand.  So I’ve created for myself an appendix:

journal with Bible index tabs

My Journal Customized with Bible Tabs
photo by Chris Zweifel

A woman who I discipled a few years ago had given me a set of Bible index tabs that I haven’t put to use until now, albeit an unconventional one.  I purchased a journal and stuck those handy tabs right on the blank pages.  Then it occurred to me that this would make a nice gift – for a pastor to organize his sermons titles and dates, for a child to record memorized verses, or even for yourself.  Bible indexing tabs can be found easily at Christian bookstores like Hackman’s.  I hope you like my tip and pray that your journal becomes filled with words of praise, adoration, encouragement and gratitude.  May God’s blessings abound!

2 thoughts on “Indexing a Journal

  1. Great idea, Chris. I have those bible tabs on my bible. I first saw them on Dad’s bible. That is what gave me the idea to do the same thing. Using them to index a companion journal is very clever. I want to buy a pretty journal and some new tabs and start taking it with me to my prayer group. Thanks for the idea. Love,Jean

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