Spiritualize Your To Do List

To Do List


We have been created with a spirit, and as spiritual beings, we need to daily transcend living in the physical world.  Here’s a simple tip to put a greater emphasis on spiritual disciplines that will help us grow in grace.

When you write your list of things to do each today, go beyond what is natural.  Between “pick up dry cleaning” and “return library books,” add a reminder that exceeds mundane errands.  Here’s a few to choose from to get you started:

  • accomplish what is best for those around me
  • serve my spouse
  • practice submission
  • live by faith, not by sight
  • rely on God’s peace and comfort
  • give encouragement to someone
  • keep an open mind regarding other’s viewpoints
  • trust in God completely for guidance
  • that which may entail sacrifice and pain
  • the right thing no matter how uncomfortable it makes me

If you don’t normally use a task list, now may be a good time to start.  Plug a couple of these reminders into your phones or use (what has become the old-fashioned) sticky-note method.  A friend of mine staples notes around her handbag strap so she won’t forget anything important!

Deliberately acting on one or more of these each day will make your days more meaningful.  Your to do list will become a catalyst for spiritual maturity, and your visible qualities will attract others.  I hope you put it into action and always keep Jesus as the model for your life!

4 thoughts on “Spiritualize Your To Do List

  1. Thank you for including me in your list. I have used to do lists for many years and always find it keep me focused and give me joy when I accomplish the tasks on the list and my day has ended with results.

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