My 50 List – Hold Me to It!

It’s been a cruddy month. Winter 2014 has been especially harsh and seemingly never-ending. There’s the usual shoveling, parking and heating woes, but also hardships of a more serious nature have been assailing my family and friends. The emotional pain around me is weighing me down, and I frankly can’t hack it anymore. I need to be awash in some honest-to-goodness happiness.

“God richly gives everything to enjoy.” ~1 Timothy 6:17b

It’s time to plan for some audacious living. The talk of a bucket list sounds morbid. But a 50 list, well that sound’s like fun! So I’m not holding back. I picked five of my life’s goals and am determined to reach them by the time I turn 50. It’s time to get started. The world is my oyster. I’ve listed them in the order I plan to achieve them. I’m giving you the task of keeping me accountable. If you help me make my dreams come true, I promise to share these experiences with you. You may just want to throw off the shackles and shake things up yourself.

The first thing I’m taking on is… skydiving!

I’m putting skydiving at the top of the list, because it requires the least amount of time. Pick the day, cough up the cash, and I’ll be out the door of plane before you can say, “Geronimo.” Skydiving is said to be a great stress-reliever, so be on the look-out for my post this summer on my very first skydiving adventure. (I am afraid it may be habit-forming.)

Secondly, I’ll be finishing my work in progress. My first book will show the world how great God is. I’ve met with a literary agent and have successfully shared the material with a test group. Now, advances from publishers are dwindling, especially for newbies, so if any of you would like to fund my writing, I’m not opposed 😉

Once my book is published, I’m going to have it translated and bring it to India when I visit there. Yeah, I’m thinking big.

When I get back from sharing the Gospel in India, I’m going to run a marathon.

After I run a marathon, I’ll likely be tired. That will be a good time to sit on my tush and poke a needle through some pretty fabric squares. I’m going to make a quilt. I imagine quilting to be very relaxing. I’ll have plenty of memories to mull over as I create a new one.

So there. The plan is officially off the back burner. Watch it unfold. Are you with me?

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