I am a Rick Springfield Groupie and Nine Other Random Factoids

Me & Rick circa 2000

Me & Rick circa 2000

Chris & Rick circa 2014

Me & Rick circa 2014







At a recent leadership development workshop, my colleagues and I were asked to share a little known fact about ourselves with the rest of the group. As it turns out, I work alongside of some pretty interesting individuals. One had lived in Thailand, one is a pilot, one person raced hot air balloons and another raised a hawk. My turn comes around and what have I got?

“I totally fan-girl over Rick Springfield.” (Silence…Laughter…Blushing…) Okay, it’s not exactly an accomplishment like many others had shared that day, but it is true, and so my response to the prompt sufficed. (Oh, and don’t worry – I promise I’m not coveting.)

I am blessed to work for a Christian organization, and so our faith in Jesus Christ is a common bond. But the exercise got me to thinking: In our various circles of influence, is our faith a little-known fact? At the places we frequent, the classes we sit it, the fields and courts we play on, do the people we are often with know about our faith in Christ? Ask yourself, “Am I a closet Christian?”

Perhaps you have not yet reached a conclusion about who Jesus truly is. If that is the case, I challenge you to have a responsive heart and allow God to supernaturally work within your soul. I pray for you to understand that Jesus is the unique Son of God and that you openly confess Him as your Lord. You see, faith in Christ is indeed a personal conviction, but should never remain private. It is all-important for true faith to be clearly articulated by our lips. Indeed, Jesus builds His Church upon the voicing of our identification with Him. So speak up, friend, fearlessly, yet sensitively, and Christ will build His church upon those words.

“All hail the messenger of love I got your message loud and clear…
Now I’m ready to reveal the things that before I could never say.”
from “Free” by Rick Springfield

Okay, here’s those other little know facts about me:

1.  I am one of seven children.
2.  I am a morning person.
3.  My first car was a 1973 olive-green Plymouth Valiant. For those of you who are too young to know what that is, it’s a squarish four-door granny-mobile. In fact, I bought it from my grandmother – complete with a crocheted pillow in the back seat!
4.  I had reconstructive knee surgery after a skiing accident.
5.  My record time for solving the Rubik’s cube is 32 seconds. Don’t ask me to do that now; the solution is long gone from my memory. Besides, I’m on to bigger challenges, like raising a family.
7.  I’m not an extreme couponer, but I am a fairly serious one.
8.  I successfully graduated from Sudoku to cryptograms.
8.  Sci-fi, fantasy and action films bore me to tears.
9.  I am a self-proclaimed Tetris master.

Thanks for letting me leave a piece of me with you. Now please share something about yourself in the comments.

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