What You Can Do to Fight Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. It is the second largest criminal activity with drug trafficking being number one.

A form of modern slavery, human trafficking can be in the form of labor or commercial sexual exploitation. It is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world.

Slavery isn’t legal anywhere, but it happens almost everywhere.

Virtually every country in the world is affected by trafficking, and the number of victims is believed to be reaching epidemic proportions.

Modern slavery is a hidden crime. No matter where you live, chances are human trafficking is happening nearby. We fail to recognize it because of our lack of knowledge.

Slavery is immoral and unjust.

Traffickers violate the basic human rights of their victims. They rob human beings of their freedom. People are either abducted or recruited and then exploited.

Prostituted women, exploited workers, child soldiers are victims of modern-day slavery. Their captors are vile criminals.

Slaves are forced to work, without pay, under the threat of violence. They work in fields, factories, construction sites, restaurants, hotels and private homes. They cannot escape. They must be rescued.

In countries around the world, human trafficking continues because of ignorance.

Many everyday products are made by slaves or with slavery-tainted parts. You are probably purchasing, using and consuming them dozens of times each day. Coffee, chocolate, seafood, cell phones, computers, toys, jewelry, apparel, footwear and flowers are just a few examples.

Our relentless demand for inexpensive goods and services contributes to the existence of slavery. As consumers of goods and services provided by slaves, their blood is on our hands.

So what can you possibly do to tackle this crime?

Play a counter-role and join the abolitionist community. You can start curbing labor abuse by becoming an informed consumer. Seek the highest level of assurance available that your dollars are not supporting slavery.

Strive to shop ethically.

To help combat human trafficking, you must first deepen your understanding of the scope and nature of it. Then you will be equipped to demonstrate to others that it exists and reduce its demand.

Make this a matter of priory. Take action immediately. There is an imminent need for all segments of society to prevent trafficking and decrease vulnerability.

Trafficking in persons is a violation against humanity.

Our work is cut out for us. It begins with being alert and concerned. Be a modern-day abolitionist and help free those trapped in bondage.

Take action by visiting these sights. See what fits your passion and start caring for the vulnerable and exploited. You may have expertise, wealth, influence, time or talent to contribute to this undertaking. If all you possess is the capacity to care, that is enough.


Free the Slaves

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST)

Report possible incidents of human trafficking to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1.888.3737.888

“If there is one abuse that offends our conscience in every way, it is the enslavement of a human being. No child should be born without hope; no person should live without freedom.” –Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus, Cape Town, South Africa

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