The ABCs of Social Consciousness – a manifesto

I’m happy to announce the launch of my first eBook. After weeks of pouring my heart into this, I’m glad to share with you: The ABCs of Social Consciousness.


About the manifesto

The ABCs of Social Consciousness is a small eBook designed to help raise your level of social consciousness.

This short manifesto is a call for all of humanity to end complacency and apathy and to start a movement of benevolent action!

You’ll also discover the benefits that a deep sense of social consciousness brings.

I intentionally made the eBook simple enough to read in one sitting. It includes 26 words and their meanings with thought-provoking questions and ideas for next steps.


Reactions so far:

“… challenging, passionate and full of compassion. When someone reads this, if it doesn’t cause them to get up and do something, well, they must be dead! Some people are NOT going to want to hear this. That’s ok. In all reality, they NEED to hear it!” ~Kim Checkeye – President, Truth for Women

“… inspiring and energizing.” ~Cathy L. Leiber – President and Co-Founder, Judith’s Reading Room


Read an excerpt:

R is for


Shaped with every part of the surface equidistant from the center.

This is the shape of the earth. You are not at the center of it. Neither are your towns and cities. Not even your nation. It’s a good place to start, but certainly don’t stop there.

It’s a big world out there, and it needs you.


How to get a copy

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Now read, share and move into action!

To be a world-changer, you don’t need to have a lot of possessions, just a willingness to spread the word and to help improve lives!

There are incredible opportunities at this moment in history to right the wrongs. Don’t let them pass you by.


Chris Singleheart

I'm a writer and speaker, loving the world and making it better. I write mainly to further the advancement of the less fortunate. As a co-founder of The Purpose Hotel, I am helping to make it possible for you to change the world in your sleep. I show my lighter side as Mistress of Cermonies of Lehigh Valley Story Slam (competitive storytelling).

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